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lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

Supporting Blogs To Increase Sales

Online sales need just one thing “ A Goods Provider” today narrow drop ship reliable service have been reduce to 5 mayor drop Ship providers and even when  they are very similar in pricing and membership styles there is a fact that many people are using this business opportunity to survive the economic crisis.
 One of the most profitable practices are the supporting blog , when I say blog I am not referring to blog style , but the actual blogging we all know.
Most people search about a product before they purchase online so there is a good idea to have one or more supporting blog to your online store and some people event manage to sell directly form a blog and at the end works perfect.
So here is my advice for those who are planning or need more genius plan to start selling.
  • Create one or two supporting blogs , Google or Wordpress they are both fabulous PR8m or PR 9 in some cases , so search engines will acknowledge their information before anybody else.
  • Secure Indexing of your products and service content and feedback, connect blog- business page and business portal for better results.
  • Make sure your content is fresh , different and use a rich format with constant action to your online website shopping cart.
  • Identify your blog with icons or images of your website.
  • Offer specials exclusively with your blogs audience and gain visitors engagement to follow your next post.

Supporting Blogs is one of the most effective SEO practices, due the advance of the technology some services have robots that publish a different version of each post in more than 800 blogs , of course it is a pay service, however most search engines filter the real blogs and their close relations with real creators and original writing , so do not hesitate writing and re inventing description your effort will be priced.
If you need to design a website or blog with custom Ideas we can help you we have many FREE Joomla wordpress and Blogger template to fit your business needs.  Also you can purchase exclusive templates  and installation from us . 

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